“NabakuFunk” – Mr Kuyateh | DEEP HOUSE VIBES

The music revolution begins Friday 1/25/19.

We’re excited to finally release music on what will be a more consistent basis.

Have quite a few goodies for your listening pleasure of all genres.

1st up is “NabakuFunk“. A Deep House track with that Brooklyn soulful vibe, layered with the NabakuFunk rhythm. It’s a track that pays homage to the type of classic house music my older cousin would play on the weekends, when getting ready for a party.

The vibes echoing through our home in Crown Heights, from a large oldschool boombox on the the 3rd floor. Me on the bunk beds, a floor below, trying to sneak and watch wrestling or something, but then getting pissed at the volume of the music.

Little did I know, that these experiences would shape my life later.

Little did I know, that these same sounds would be the ones moving my spirit on the dance floors, tv and in films.

Little did I know that these same rhythms introduce me to my daughters mother, thus Kalaytu Naba Kuyateh being born.

And little did I know that I would later be producing these same rhythms to share with the world.

Thanks to those that catch on to the vibe and support.

Sit back, listen and feel what happens when a dope house dancer from Brooklyn starts producing.

Coming Soon

Nabakufunk Soul
Nabakufunk Gospel
Nabakufunk Trap Soul
Nabakufunk 90s type RnB Nabakufunk Spiritual Jazz Nabakafunk Pop
Nabakufunk Afrobeats
Nabakufunk Afro/Soulful House

And then some extra different shxt I’m still figuring out. It’s a sound that’s different from the Nabakufunk vibe… work in progress. Bless up – Mr Kuyateh



nabakufunk (polohead mix) by mr kuyateh giku music deep house

walkabout mr kuyateh giku music nabakufunk

epiphany mr kuyateh ft the illustrious blacks giku music nabakufunk

the dancer in me mr kuyateh giku music nabakufunk deep house

for the love mr kuyateh giku music nabakufunk deep house